Don't Blame Luck Later, Join INSD Now

Hey Readers, you know what there is a friend of mine. Let us assume his name to be Aakash. So, Aakash, was studying in his 12th Standard with Science Stream. Though he was a Science student, but then he wanted to be a Famous Fashion Designer. So, now we see, he applied at the INSD and appeared in Joint Entrance Exam for Engineering as well. Well, things seemed to be quite calm and nice by now. But then he qualified for the Engineering Exam along with being eligible to get an admission at INSD in the Fashion Designing Graduation Program.  But, somehow due to peer and parental pressure he agreed to Join an Engineering College.

At first he was quite happy to get into a good College. But, then he began feeling the need to shift his focus towards Fashion Designing, as he couldn’t neglect his passion. But, this Multi tasking couldn’t go good for too long. This was the reason, why he got around a 4 back logs in his first year of engineering. Slowly things became hectic. He began to dwell into a phase of serious depression. Why? Because of the Backlogs, parental pressure, and then by not being able to pursue his passion.

Now he says that he has to drop out of engineering and again he is not able to face his Dad. As, he has paid a fee for one year at the Engineering College. And, now he will have to pay the fees at the Design Institute as well. Secondly obviously his Dad wanted him to become an engineer. But, now what Aakash does is Blame his Luck. He says that he is unlucky, to not have gotten into a Fashion Designing Institute. But, we know what actually happened, right? He was eligible to get into INSD for the same course of his choice, and what he rather did?

Here, he got into an Engineering College due to Parental Pressure, and regrets now, blaming his luck.

I don’t want you all to be a part of this Bad Luck Brigade. Though it is true that Luck has an existence, but still, 70% of it is what you choose and make it. So, get up now.

This is not just an Industry to be precise. Fashion is a Passion for Billions. People bleed Fashion and Breath Fashion. So, if you have that passion and desire to be the leader of Design someday, then began it up from today only.

Here, we have made up a page for you, which you can refer to for a lot of information about the Institute and the Programs, which we offer. You can choose, your preferred Course and Center for yourself and fill simple and super easy application form. Prior to the data, which we receive from the form, we will call you up and assign to you a Date and Time for walking in for talking about the rest of the things, which will be required.

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Become an approved Fashion/Graphic/Interior/Animation/Jewelry/Textile Designer.

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