Fashion Show Think Design by the INSD, Think Design Fashion Show at the Thyagraj Stadium by INSD

INSD: The Fastest Growing Design School in India. Design Courses in India, still are not taken seriously. People take these unconventional education and skill development programmes as lightly as they could do without these. And, in such a day, it is a brilliant idea to bring the best out of the young minds, who aspire to be at the top. INSD is doing it’s move. And, to mention, it’s not us who only say this, the reviews speak of the quality. This Recent feature in an Online Education Magazine, has Quoted INSD to be the Fastest Growing Design School in India. It is an honor for us to hold such a prestigious appreciation. Therefore, we share some information about our Institute, which the aspiring students might find interesting. So, get your head down and read the content below for reference.

Journey to the Top!

Established in 2011, INSD this year will celebrate it’s 6th Birthday. In the past 6 years, INSD has featured 6 brilliant design courses. These courses include, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Jewelry Designing and Textile Design. And not only has INSD just introduced, but excelled in all these courses. Graphics and Animationare the latest courses here. The honorable Founder and CEO of the Institute, Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal has made the institute reach such highs that at this time, there are 36 Centers of the INSD all over India. Achieving such big trust value, in less than 6 years, seeks a good lot of quality. Which, for sure the INSD provides.

Fashion Show Think Design by the INSD, Think Design Fashion Show at the Thyagraj Stadium by INSD

INSD Design Courses, Best Design School in India

Being quoted as the Fastest Growing Design School in India, sure INSD is bringing opportunities. And, that too not just for those who know their passion, but also, to those who have interest, but no clarity. Talking of the Brand’s good name, many Prominent Causes and Events had collaborated with the INSD, in the years 2015-16. And, in 2016 the INSD organised a Fashion Show, with name Think Design, at the Thyagraj Stadium, setting a New Milestone, for the Young and Talented.

When asked about vision, the CEO, Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal said:

“I believe in a clear approach of contributing back to the national and international design scenario, which claims to inspire opportunities for the young INSD brigade to participate in the real world of Interior, Fashion, Jewelry, Textile, Graphic design, and Animation design.”

Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal from INSD, CEO of INSD

Also, looking onto the Achievements and Vision, we know where we are heading. INSD, very soon will leave the other Private Design Institutes behind, all around the Nation. And, after this, let us look up to the Special Feature by the Magazine.

INSD Quoted as the Fastest Growing Design School in India

Well, to show, what we have got is the pictures from the Magazine. We have taken the Screenshot, of the blog post, so you all can see. Go have a look then.

INSD is the Fastest Growing Design School in India, The Fastest Growing Design School in India, Best Design Schools in India, INSD

Well, this is great, isn’t it? It was only this Friday, that the, held the job to write about us. But, in our opinion, this was just a small step, there are a lot more features, which are yet to come. And, for those, we would love to have you witness those all. So, stay tuned and share with your friends, who you think have an interest in Design Education.

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